1. What is SnpHub

SnpHub is a lab-based server for retrieving, analyzing and visualizing the large-scale genomic variation data that be easily set up on any Linux server.

The cost of high-throughput sequencing is rapidly decreasing, allowing researchers to investigate genomic variations across hundreds or even thousands of samples in the post-genomic era. The management and exploration of these large-scale genomic variation data require programming skills. SnpHub is designed to lower such barrier.

By using SnpHub, you can exporting region-specific variation tables, visualizing genotypes in matrix, constructing haplotype network, visualizing sample distance in a local region, visualizing the SNP annotation in lollipop format, visualizing the genotypes geographically and creating consensus sequence for individuals in a much easier way that requires few knowledge and ability of computer, even for the administrator who would to deploy SnpHub.